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Omni Foot Clinic & Orthotic Center was established in 2007 and has quickly grown into a respected foot clinic within the Burlington and Greater Toronto communities. Omni Foot Clinic has a reputation for offering superior patient care and providing top quality orthotics. In early 2008 we launched our very own brand OMNIFOOT Orthotics and since then patients have experienced exceptional results. Omni Foot Clinic employs a staff of Chiropodists. Chiropodist are clinically trained foot specialists who specialize in assessing and treating all medical and/or cosmetic conditions affecting the feet and/or lower limbs (i.e. back and hips down to the toes). Because Chiropodists are trained with a specific focus on these areas, they are considered to be some of the highest qualified professionals for assessing and treating foot and lower limb related ailments. Recently, the nationally recognized medical chain, PT Health, identified Omni Foot Clinic & Orthotic Center as an industry leader in providing high quality foot care and orthotic therapy. These two companies have developed a synergistic relationship allowing patients throughout Ontario to receive superior health care solutions.


At Omni Foot Clinic & Orthotic Center, our mission is to provide superior patient care and top quality orthotics which help our clients live happy, healthy and productive lives.


Our vision is to be the best we can be when it comes to making high quality orthotic products. Our vision is to provide an unparalleled dedication to helping our patients overcome their health issues and live healthy productive lives.


Dedicated to our Patients

At Omni Foot Clinic & Orthotic Center our primary goal is the health and well-being of our patients. We pledge to do everything we can to ensure our patients get the best treatment and results possible. We always take the time to explain all of the available options to patients so that together we can come up with an ideal solution to


In our world it seems that major technological advancements occur on a daily basis and this can be intimidating and overwhelming. At Omni Foot Clinic we embrace these advancements because the result is often more advanced and convenient treatment methods.

The internet has helped to bring together western and eastern medical practices and we can now offer both options. By utilizing internet technology and constantly upgrading equipment we offer the most complete selection of treatments available. .

The internet allows people to access a wealth of information very quickly and easily. This is why we have developed a very detailed and comprehensive website where people can find information, ask questions, and become more aware of potential health concerns. Whatever technology will advance to next, one thing is for sure Omni Foot Clinic will always be Adapting with our World.

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