LASER THERAPY (MedX Phototherapy)

Laser Therapy (MedX Phototherapy) At Omni Foot Clinic we are currently using and have been having considerable success with the MedX Phototherapy system. First developed over 30 years ago, phototherapy uses a specific type of light to penetrate the skin’s surface and underlying tissues to stimulate the body’s natural repair processes. The result is faster healing and reduced pain, swelling and inflammation. MedX Phototherapy has been used successfully to treat athletic injuries, acute & chronic conditions, repetitive strain disorders, tissue healing and much more. By providing the extra energy required for healing, the tissue is able to heal itself naturally. This innovative therapeutic alternative may also eliminate the need for painful, debilitating surgeries and drug therapies so often accompanied by harmful side effects.
Orthotics What exactly is phototherapy?
Orthotics How does MedX Phototherapy work?


We have implemented this 3D Optical Laser Scanner as a way to generate a 3D virtual cast image of the foot. This is a new and innovative method of taking a “cast” of a patients foot. This is an extremely accurate method of “casting” a patients foot. There are many scanners on the market and it is important to understand the major differences. There are pressure mats or pressure scanners and these are very different. These pressure systems only provide information of the average relative pressure at any given point of the foot. Some people often try to mislead patients that the pressure systems will make a better orthotic device, this is not true. The pressure system does not yield a volumetric cast. The pressure system alone CANNOT be used to manufacture a custom orthotic but can only provide clues of where there is an increase of pressure on a given foot. Our 3D Optical Laser Scanner does not measure pressure; it is designed and used specifically to manufacture custom foot orthotics by producing a true volumetric virtual cast image.


T.E.N.S stands for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation. This is a non-invasive, drug-free alternative for managing pain and other conditions. For the past twenty years, doctors have been prescribing TENS as an effective way to relieve pain. TENS offers many people safe comforting relief. It can reduce and often even eliminate pain. TENS stimulates sensory nerves to block pain signals, stimulate endorphin production to help normalize sympathetic function. TENS was designed to relieve pain by sending gentle electrical impulses through the skin to the nerves. This suppresses pain by blocking the pain signals before they reach the brain. TENS sends these gentle impulses through lead wires that are connected to electrodes. These electrodes are strategically placed at appropriate pain sights on the body. This treatment can be used in both chronic conditions, such as arthritis, and in acute conditions, such as trauma.


Ultrasound is a therapeutic modality that has been used since the 1940s. Ultrasound is applied using a probe that is put in direct contact with the patient’s skin, separated by a conductive medium (ultrasound gel). Therapeutic ultrasound is in the frequency range of about 0.8-1.0 MHz. The waves are generated by a piezoelectric effect caused by the vibration of crystals within the head of the probe. The sound waves that pass through the skin cause a vibration of the local tissues. This vibration causes a deep heating to the area however; typically no sensation of heat will be felt on the skin. In situations where a heating effect is not desirable, such as a fresh injury with acute inflammation, the ultrasound can be pulsed rather than continuously transmitted. Ultrasound can produce many effects other than just the potential heating effect. It has been shown to cause increases in tissue relaxation, local blood flow, and scar tissue breakdown. The effect of the increase in local blood flow can be used to help reduce local swelling and chronic inflammation, and, according to some studies, promote bone fracture healing.


Hydrotherapy is a treatment modality that has been around for ages. The heat and the vibration/pressure (from the water jets) act to relax and gently heal the foot. This is primarily used for chronic conditions such as joint pain or sore feet. There are many “foot baths” that are sold at local department stores that are typically sold as hydrotherapy. Although, the unit we use is much more powerful and advanced some of these simple units can often provide similar comfort and gentle relief. We do recommend consulting a foot specialist before implementing self treatment as there are certain conditions which would make hydrotherapy dangerous and detrimental.


At Omni Foot Clinic we use a vacuum nail drill for reduction of thick or fungal nails and also to treat heavy callouses and other skin lesions. The advantage of using a vacuum drill is that the vacuum helps to contain the dust particles, which may include infectious microorganisms, to prevent these harmful particles from being inhaled or spreading. Although the term “drill” may sound intimidating, there is generally no pain associated when this device is properly used.