Custom Made Orthotics

Our OMNIFOOT Custom Made Orthotics line is developed to provide ease of motion, unparalleled comfort and improve our patient’s quality of life. Designed by leading foot care specialists using the latest advancements in technology, image capture and materials production, we are able to create devices that combine correction, comfort and fit.
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The first step is for the Chiropodist to do a full biomechanical exam to determine the cause of the unique problems that are afflicting the patient. It is only after the cause has been determined that a treatment plan can be developed. The next step requires that an impression, or cast, be taken of the patient’s feet. We use a revolutionary 3D laser scanning system that yields a volumetric virtual cast image. It is important to note that only the most highly trained individuals should be responsible for developing the casts because this is where the biomechanical correction needs to occur. The foot is manipulated into sub-talar joint neutral in a non weight bearing position. Next, the cast image is further corrected using the CAD software. Once this has been completed a computerized milling machine carves the positive cast out of high-density foam. We take the foam and a shell material (usually a thermoplastic) is heat moulded and vacuum-formed onto these corrected positive casts. This is the main portion of the orthotic that provides the support and biomechanical correction. Top covers and accommodations are then added to the shell material and all glued into place. Once completed the Chiropodist will custom fit the Orthotic devices to your favourite pairs of footwear.


OMNIFOOT Custom Made Orthotics are available exclusively at Omni Foot Clinic & Orthotic Center (Burlington, ON) and at PT Health Clinics across Canada. Appointments can be made at Omni Foot Clinic by:   Phone: Online: Email: pthealthLogo Appointments are also available at any PT Health clinic. Visit to find your nearest


OMNIFOOT Orthotics are specifically designed to directly correct the biomechanical deformities that cause pain, strain and imbalance within the feet. The orthotic device helps realign the body’s posture by providing a comfortable, balanced structure which also indirectly adjusts the knees, hip and back, as a patient is standing. Therefore, the use of orthotics helps to directly treat a variety of pain and balance issues within the feet and eventually through to the knees, hips and back. Ultimately, this results in less pain and better health for individuals with minor or major foot / lower limb disorders. Why do we do this? Because we know that the only way to ensure our clients are happy, healthy and able to live productively is if we make products that are specifically designed for them. Our Skill, Our Design, Our Product means YOUR Health.  
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We would like to congratulate you on your decision to choose OMNIFOOT Orthotics! The biomechanical foot orthotics you have just received were specifically designed by the Chiropodists at Omni Foot Clinic & Orthotic Center to your unique foot care requirements. When using these devices you will experience superior comfort, excellent fit and the feeling that your feet are functioning in a more efficient manner. OMNIFOOT Orthotics realign the joints and bones in your feet to provide better support and greater comfort while correcting your biomechanical conditions. You will need time to break in your new orthotics, so please follow the recommended wearing instructions.

Break-in Instructions

Regardless of how comfortable your OMNIFOOT orthotics feel now, please do not wear them for too long throughout the day. It’s better to start slow and give your feet and body time to adjust to the healing benefits of the orthotics. We recommend that you start on the first day wearing them for no longer than 2 hours and then increasing this time by 1 hour each day until you reach the full 8+ hours of your day. If your OMNIFOOT orthotics start to bother you BEFORE you reach the maximum wear time for the day, remove them from your shoes and repeat wearing them for the same amount of time during the next day. To help ensure you get the greatest benefit from your new orthotics, increase wearing time by 30 to 45 minutes a day instead of 1 hour. Please keep in mind this should only be done if you feel comfortable. Because orthotics help to realign the joints in your feet, do not be alarmed if you develop some mild achiness or transient discomfort in your knees, hips or back. Remember, your feet are the foundation of your body and as they become more properly aligned, the discomfort will pass and you will feel a greater sense of comfort, not only in your lower limbs, but also throughout the rest of your body. However, if the discomfort becomes too much, reduce the amount of time you wear the OMNIFOOT Orthotics and consult with your Chiropodist. Once you have had time to break in your OMNIFOOT Orthotics, they may require some slight adjustments. Omni Foot Clinic & Orthotic Center will provide this service to you in a timely manner at no additional cost. DON’T FORGET: Your feet are your foundation. The shoes you wear play a vital role in maximizing the therapeutic value of your orthotics. This is why Omni Foot Clinic & Orthotic Center offers professional advice and a variety of orthopaedic style shoes to fit your lifestyle and provide the best results with your orthotics.